Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or blogs - social media has established itself as an integral part of communication. The distinction between private, professional and educational content is becoming increasingly blurred. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how best to conduct oneself online, whether as an employee, player or private individual. Due to the increasing interest in social networks, online communities and interactive communication tools, SVWW considers it necessary to actively guide and support its players and employees. Social media guidelines are an effective way of creating an active awareness of the new means of communication on the Internet. Important and interesting information about media safety, media education, youth protection, cyberbullying, cost traps, data protection, including many flyers and videos for parents, teenagers and children alike, can be found online at www.medien-sicher.de.


The SVWW Social Media Guidelines

VALUES: Respect, tolerance, honesty, loyalty, integrity and fair play are important values for our society and our daily lives. These values also apply to the internet.

RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your activities and publications on social media. Be aware of this responsibility - in your own interest and in the interest of your employer or association. Before publishing, think about whether or not you would feel comfortable sharing this information with your colleagues or coaches.

PERSONALITY: If you share something on social media without having been explicitly asked to by someone at the club, please make it clear that this is your personal and private opinion and that you do not speak for the club. Therefore always use the phrase "I" instead of "we". Official statements, declarations and publications related to SVWW can only be published on the internet by authorised persons.

RESPECT: Discussion on social media is often heated and unbalanced, sometimes even abusive. Stay objective and polite, don't spread lies and make sure to act respectfully. Take time to reflect before responding or commenting. Social networks allow open discussions, but they are the wrong place to talk to third parties about problems with fellow players or club members.

LEGAL CONDITIONS: Existing laws also apply to the internet. No nickname protects against this. Social networks have their own terms of use, which become binding when they are agreed to upon registration. Data protection, copyright, media law, personal rights, human dignity, contents of employment contracts and the protection of trade secrets must be observed!

COPYRIGHT: Do not copy material from others and do not pass it off as your own. Only use links to refer to external content. Only upload pictures and/or videos if you have the necessary rights, i.e. if you have the consent of the photographer or filmmaker and also that of the persons shown.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: Take time to customise your privacy settings on all platforms. Don't give third parties access to your data and read every statement again before you publish it. What you publish is often visible to everyone. Even content corrected later can leaves traces on the internet. Pay very close attention to what you reveal about yourself and your family. Journalists are also active on social media!