Our mission

Over the course of the past 35 years, SVWW has transformed from a local amateur club into an established professional one. 

This development was characterised by a high degree of consistency and determination. 

Creative solutions were often required to achieve the set objectives in the face of seemingly impossible odds. 

The successful and dynamic nature of the club's development is reflected in our approach to the game. 

This is characterised by a strong sense of belief in one's own abilitiy, strength and potential. 

One last thing must be mentioned - the passion that our club brings to the game. It is this passion that defines our actions each time we take to the field. This is aptly expressed in our guiding philosophy: 

Our guiding philosophy:

Football with heart and soul

The Youth Performance Centre is charged with educating young football players from the local region. The elite educational programme of the Youth Performance Centre takes account of sporting, academic and developmental aspects. Ultimately, the Centre hopes to help young talents develop into professional footballers who will represent the SV Wehen Wiesbaden first team.

The Youth Performance Centre therefore forms the basis for a long-lasting period of success for the SVWW first team at the highest level of the sport.  

Our vision

Our playing philosophy is made up of our educational guidelines as well as the style of play which sets our teams apart. It forms the foundation which governs our actions. It is independent from and unaffected by short-term goals and immediate demands. However, our playing philosophy is by no means a rigid construct. With the sport of football constantly evolving, we make sure to to keep track of these developments and regularly review our playing philosophy. Should fresh tactical innovations take hold or new scientific findings emerge, we will make sure to alter our playing philosophy so as to remain up-to-date.

New elements have been added in recent years and the weighting of certain parameters within individual training modules has shifted. All members of staff are encouraged to actively participate in this process in future. The resultant training guidelines then act as a set of fixed objectives for our coaching staff. Nonetheless, each coach is given room to bring his/her own personality and sense of creativity to the coaching process. We are aware that the education of children and young people is a long-term process. It is our task to accompany, support and challenge the players through material which is appropriate to their age and level of development.

Our playing philosophy and style of play have been shaped by the club's development over the course of the past 30 years as well as the legacy left by various figures working within the club's youth department in this time frame. 
What is more, both the defensive and attacking style of play of our first team as well as their positional profiles are integrated with the playing philosophy taught in the academy. We adopt this approach as it we believe it is the best way to ensure that top talents are able to make the step up into the first team squad.  

In recent times, the approach taken by us has been widely validated in many ways, but there have nonetheless come points where it has been influenced by new inspirations, such as the guidelines issued by the DFB in its playing philosophy.

Our goals

  • Develop youth players into professional footballers!
  • Promotion and integration into the SV Wehen Wiesbaden first-team squad
  • Compete at the highest level with all youth teams
  • Train and develop top talents to play in regional and national youth teams across all age groups
  • Dual education: players should receive a top-level sporting education while also achieving all academic and professional goals
  • Continuous training with a highly qualified team of coaches and professionals.

Educational guidelines

Sporting education:

  • High standard of coaching
  • Integrated playing and training philosophy
  • Training for top prospects
  • Medical care and rehabilitation

Academic education:

  • Partnership with the Elly-Heuss School in Wiesbaden, a certified ''Elite Football School''
  • Additional tuition in case of need
  • Collaboration with associations and other institutions

Personal development:

Educational principles:

  • a flexible and creative education for all prospects
  • long-term development of all players in the Youth Development Centre
  • age-specific training sessions
  • promotion of team spirit and the will to win
  • fluidity between age groups
  • players experience a variety of coaches and training approaches over the year
  • respectful relationship between players, coaches, supervisors, staff, opponents and referees



Partnership with the IFIP Sports Psychology Institute.

Expansion of programme of afternoon sessions for all players. 

Development of a structured Scouting Department.

Partnership with Med4Sports, a medical education centre specialised in performance diagnostics, rehabilitation, athletics training and "Tracktics", a system for tracking performance.

Appointment of a video analyst for all competitive sides. 

Establishment of a second string side for friendly matches.

Two new partner clubs in FT Wiesbaden und JFV Mittelhessen.


Appointment of a full-time U15 Coach. 

Expansion of psychology team. 

Commencement of afternoon sessions for all players in the foundation and development stage in cooperation with the Elly-Heuss School.

Regular additional training for top prospects. 


Structural expansion through the appointment of an Educational Director. 

Structural expansion through the appointment of a full-time U17 Coach. 

Structural expansion through the opening of educational space for further training, video analysis, tutoring and support as well as new office for Youth Performance Centre directors, coaches and psychologists. 

Start of tuition and support teaching in new educational space. 


Structural expansion through the appointment of a psychologist. 

U19 consolidated as the primary youth team after discontinuation of the U23 side. 


Structural expansion through the appointment of a Youth Head Coach for Foundation and Development. 

Initial cooperation with partner clubs (JFV Dietkirchen/Offheim).

Youth Performance Centre given renewed certification by the DFB. 


Structural expansion through the appointment of a Youth Fitness Coach. 

Completion and commissioning of new facilities, including a modern operational building and two additional pitches, one natural grass and one artificial grass.

Structural expansion through the appointment of a full-time U19 Coach. 


Structural expansion through the appointment of a Director of Organisational and Football Management. 

Official opening and inauguration of the Youth Performance Centre. 


Close collaboration with the youth department at SVWW leads to the Elly-Heuss School in Wiesbaden being certified as an ''Elite Football School'' by the German Football Association (DFB).  

On 13.05.2009, the SVWW Youth Performance Centre is officially certified by the DFB. 


The Youth Performance Centre is opened following the first team's promotion to the second tier in 2007. 

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Youth Performance Centre contact details

SV Wehen 1926 Wiesbaden GmbH
Youth Performance Centre
Auf dem Halberg
65232 Taunusstein


SV Wehen 1926 Wiesbaden GmbH
Berliner Straße 9
65189 Wiesbaden

Youth Performance Centre Director & Sporting Director

Armin Alexander

Organisation & Administration Director

Sascha Schneider

U11 – U14 Coordinator

Ralf Peuckmann

Goalkeeper Coordinator

Steffen Vogler

Head of Social Support

Torben Böck

Educational Director & Academic Support

Johannes Vey

Player Supervisor & Drivers


Thea Bodis


Bela Bodis
Zejlko Pasalic
Michael Crombach
Slim Jradi
Rolf Bremer

Sports psychology support

Institut  IFIP



Chief Scout
Niklas Patzel (patzel@svww.de

Ludwig Anspach
Adel Causevic
Friedel Müller
Benno Schäfer
Benedikt Schön
Linus Wimmer

The path to becoming a pro

Hall of Fame

Benjamin Hübner (born 1989)
SVWW player: U9 - U23
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden, VfR Aalen, FC Ingolstadt, TSG Hoffenheim

Florian Hübner (born 1991)
SVWW player: U9 - U23
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden, Borussia Dortmund II, SV Sandhausen, Hannover 96, Union Berlin

Anthony Jung (born 1991)
SVWW player: U16
Clubs represented as a professional: Eintracht Frankfurt II, FSV Frankfurt, RB Leipzig, FC Ingolstadt, Bröndby IF

Panagiotis Triadis (born 1992)
SVWW player: U13 – U17
Clubs represented as a professional: Skoda Xanthi, Apollon Smyrnis

Kevin Kraus (born 1992)
SVWW player: U9 - U13
Clubs represented as a professional: Eintracht Frankfurt II, Greuther Fürth, 1. FC Heidenheim, Greuther Fürth, 1.FC Kaiserslautern

Tim Albutat (born 1992)
SVWW player: U9 - U15
Clubs represented as a professional: SC Freiburg, MSV Duisburg

Alex Schwolow (born 1992)
SVWW player: U14, U15
Clubs represented as a professional: SC Freiburg, Arminia Bielefeld, SC Freiburg

Shawn Parker (born 1993)
SVWW player: U11, U12
Clubs represented as a professional: Mainz 05, FC Augsburg, 1. FC Nürnberg, Greuther Fürth

Niklas Reichel (born 1995)
SVWW player: U17, U19, U23
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden, Wormatia Worms, TSV Schott Mainz

David Kinsombi (born 1995)
SVWW player: U11 - U16
Clubs represented as a professional: Eintracht Frankfurt, 1. FC Magdeburg, Karlsruher SC

Gordon Wild (born 1995)
SVWW player: U19, U23
Clubs represented as a professional: Atlanta United, Charleston, D.C. United, Loudoun United

Jann Bangert (born 1997)
SVWW player: U17 - U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Michael Akoto (born 1997)
SVWW player: U17 - U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden, 1. FSV Mainz 05 U23

Jan Albrecht (born 1998)
SVWW player: U15 - U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Stefan Lorenz (born 1999)
SVWW player: U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Giona Leibold (born 2000)
SVWW player: U11 - U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Jan Vogel (born 2000)
SVWW player: U12 - U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Arthur Lyska (born 2000)
SVWW player: U17 - U19
Clubs represented as a professional: SV Wehen Wiesbaden


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