Become a member of Wehen Wiesbaden

Print out the application form (PDF), fill it out, sign it and send it to us by fax (0611 / 50401-444) or post. You can also hand it in personally at our office.

Membership fees of SV Wehen 1926 Taunusstein e.V.

§1 Admission fees and contributions are determined by the General Assembly on the basis of proposals made by the Presidium.

§2 Monthly membership fees amount to:

  • §2.1€7.50 for members from the age of 18
  • §2.2 € 5.00 for members up to the age of 18
  • §2.3 €5.00 for students and apprentices over 18 years of age
  • §2.4 €5.00 for pensioners

§3 Honorary presidents and honorary members are exempt from membership fees and have free admission to league matches held at the Halberg.
§4 In special and justified cases, the Presidium may exempt members from paying fees.
§5 The club's youth sections are entitled, with the approval of the Presidium, to collect special contributions.
§6 Membership fees go exclusively towards the club's youth development programmes.

Statutes of SV Wehen 1926 Taunusstein e.V.

Statutes of the club pdf.

The Presidium of SV Wehen 1926 Taunusstein e.V.

President: Markus Hankammer (since 2010)

Vice-President: Jürgen Fladung (since 2011) and Dr. Thomas Pröckl (since 2016)

The Honorary Board

The Honorary Board of SV Wehen 1926 Taunusstein e.V. consists of: Klaus Fischer, Friedel Müller, Oliver Schön and Günther Schäfer.

Günther Schäfer was named as Chairman of the Honorary Board by his fellow members.