Fan support department

Acting as liaIson between fans and club as well as other groups responsible for security, our fan representatives Alexandra Gunkel and Monika Bellgardt are there to mediate and support the club's fans at all home and away matches. Our fan representatives establish contact between the club and the fans and are the direct contact point for all SV Wehen Wiesbaden fans. They are committed to ensuring that the interests of SV Wehen Wiesbaden fans are taken into account in all decision-making processes. They are also responsible for representing the views of the club and the safety committees to the fans. For this reason, the fan support team sees itself as a mediator between various actors and ensures that the interests of various actors are mutually understood and that fairness is maintained. Our fan representatives also organise away trips and are in constant contact with fan club spokespersons and representatives of our active fan scene.

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Alexandra Gunkel
Fan Representative & Kids Club Director