Security Policy of SV Wehen 1926 Wiesbaden GmbH

The task of the security management is to ensure that all fans, spectators and visitors in attendance at SVWW home games enjoy their visit to the BRITA-Arena and have a pleasant and safe experience while watching the match.

In order to achieve this safe stadium experience, we follow preventive, safety-oriented and legally compliant procedures. The actions of all SVWW employees, volunteers and professional service providers are dictated by these principles, which form a vital basis for the successful future of our club.

Principles of our security policy

  • The board of management of SVWW is responsible for the security policy and its implementation.
  • This security policy ensures the safety of all those present in the BRITA-Arena during matches, including fans, spectators, players, referees and members of staff.
  • The board of management acts as a role model for preventive and safety-compliant action.
  • All employees are duty-bound to be aware of safety issues and to behave and act accordingly. In this way, everyone makes a contribution towards a safe stadium experience and the avoidance of safety risks.

Implementation of our security policy

  • Provision of an efficient everyday office management system.
  • Provision of working space for event management and security officers, complete with all the equipment necessary for the proper execution of duties during a football match.
  • Guarantee of training and continuous further training for all safety personnel.
  • Repeated practice and training of safety procedures.
  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Constructive cooperation in partnership with service providers, suppliers and subcontractors on the basis of our safety policy.

Prevention and safety objectives

  • Ensure all fans and visitors in attendance at home games in the BRITA-Arena have a pleasant and safe experience while watching the match.
  • Promote awareness of safety issues among all members of staff.
  • Structured planning, action and management to ensure that agreed safety standards are maintained and further developed.
  • Provision of the resources necessary for the setting up and maintenance of a safety management system.
  • Implementation of the measures resulting from the aforementioned safety management system.
  • Consistent implementation of all safety regulations and rules relevant to the club.
  • The safety level of service providers and suppliers taken into consideration in their selection.

Commitment to preventive and safety-oriented action

  • Targeted and systematic training measures in order to promote awareness, understanding and responsibility for security and safety-oriented action.
  • Each member of staff is responsible for achieving prevention and safety goals and actively implementing safety-related measures.